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Men's Training Shoe Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 AMP (TCU) 723939-510

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Previous to the purchase shoes, I decided to get an off brand version of running shoes from a local store to avoid the high cost of work out shoes. Oh, did I make the biggest mistake ever! I noticed that after a few miles around the block or at the gym my feet began to hurt. And so I began to look for the perfect pair of shoes that were light, comfortable to wear all day, and provided the proper support for me when I'm working out. These matched and surpassed all expectations. They are extremely comfortable to wear and the thin, but sturdy, material used for the fabric makes the shoes not only extremely light but also allows the shoes to breathe. I no longer feel pain after running a few miles. The only recommendation I would have with the Nike Free 5.0's is that if you are going to get the one that has white on it, don't plan on running outdoors where there is a lot of dirt. The rubber portion of the shoe cleans off extremely easy, but the white fabric towards the back of the shoe remains brown from the dirt no matter how I attempt to clean it. Other than the look of the shoe due to running through dirt, every thing else was perfect!
Date Added: 12/10/2016 by Dana Hill
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